Medical Weight Loss

SlimnSkin’s Medical Weight Loss Program combines scientific evidence and nutritional science to help you control excessive hunger that results in overeating and weight gain. This program is designed by medical experts to provide effective, safe, and efficient weight solutions based on your body insights and lifestyle.

Skin Peel

We understand that your skin is unique or sensitive and needs personalized care. Our goal is to merge skincare and wellbeing, which is why we bring to you world-class skin professionals to discuss any skin condition you would like to treat. All the more, our skin services help you restore your skin’s youthful glow again.


UCRF (Ultrasound cavitation using Radiofrequency) is a result-oriented body contouring treatment that tightens loose skin for a youthful appearance. It uses low-frequency sound waves to melt down stubborn fat cells from the body without causing any damage to other tissues or organs.

Energy & Slim Shots

SlimnSkin’s energy shots act as boosters to cope up with busy life by enhancing your endurance. They keep you motivated and assist in achieving your weight loss goals immensely.



Restore radiance to
dull skin and get rid of skin conditions if any

Chemical Peels enhance the feel and appearance of your skin and are essential to skin health. These peels offer an effective treatment to most skin types and concerns by improving texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, and dark spots. The post-peel reality is a healthy, radiant complexion.
  • Increasing hydration of the skin
  • Smoothing away the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helping to clear up breakouts
  • Reducing discoloration caused by sun damage
  • Improving the skin’s color, clarity, tone and texture
  • Stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell growth, resulting in a radiant complexion

Medical Weight Loss

Flexible weight loss program to shed those extra pounds

Best Advantages of Medical Weight Loss

Ready to live a life free of obesity? You’ll notice the benefits of weight loss immediately. Here are the most important ones:

  • Control Your Diabetes
  • Manage Your Risk of Heart Disease
  • Help in Achieving Deep, Fulfilling Sleep
  • Relieve the Stress of Urinary Incontinence
  • Improve Your Fertility
  • Stop the Burn of Acid Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Release from Low Back Pain, Degenerative Disk Disease, and Degenerative Joint Disease

Ask a Doctor

Dr. Nisha Jain | M.D.

Board Certified in Physical Medicine, Dr. Jain completed her Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R) residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, where she was a Chief Resident. She has been in private practice for the past few years and is a strong advocate of patient education and informed medical choices, surgical as well as non-surgical.

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