Raspberry Ketone Ultra

For Enhanced Fat Burning

  • Increases fat burning process
  • Eliminates fat tissues
  • Boosts energy & metabolism
  • Raspberry Ketone is food additive


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Slim n Skin bring to you a brilliant healthy weight loss formula – Raspberry Ketone. It is a natural phenolic compound present in blackberries, cranberries and of course, raspberries. Raspberry Ketone supplement enhances your body’s fat burning process by reducing fatty tissues, in addition to boosting your metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone Ultra FAQs

Q. What is Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. Raspberry Ketone is the main aromatic compound found in berries, such as blueberries, cranberries, and red raspberries. The compound is widely used in many food products as a flavoring agent.

Q. How does Raspberry Ketone work?

Ans. Technically known as p-hydroxybenzyl acetone, Raspberry Ketone is an effective supplement endorsed by famous TV personalities. The compound regulates bodily protein that the human body requires to maintain its energy and metabolism.
Doing so, it speeds up your body’s fat burning process. The substance increases the adiponectin hormone in your body system, which helps burn fat and reduce appetite. Factually, it breaks down the fat cells in body, which ultimately results in weight loss.

Q. Is it safe to use Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. Raspberry Ketone is a non-stimulatory supplement. It tastes and smells like raspberry. Although it is pronounced safe in most cases, sometimes complications may occur due to overdose. It is very important to stick to the supplement dose, diet and workout plan prescribed by your physician and trainer.

Q. What is the recommended dose of Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. Dosage depends on the age, body weight and condition of a patient. Therefore, it is advisable to visit your physician before using the Raspberry Ketone supplement.
The standard dose of Raspberry Ketone according to your weight group is –



Q. What are the contraindications for Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. People with blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, allergies, and breastfeeding or pregnant women should avoid Raspberry Ketone supplement. It is always advised to speak to your physician before starting the supplement course.

Q. Is there a need to be on a specific diet plan while following Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. No. There is no need for that. However, best results are achievable if supplement course is combined with a suitable diet and exercise plan.

Q. How much weight can I expect to lose with Raspberry Ketone?

Ans. Users using Raspberry Ketone have reported losing between 5 pounds and 20 pounds per month. Results vary, therefore, for best results, it is suggested to follow a suitable diet and exercise plan with your Raspberry Keytone.